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CHAPTER 322A. 1976 uniform limited partnership act

Table of Sections
Section Headnote
322A.01 Definitions.
322A.02 Name.
322A.03 Reservation of name.
322A.04 Specified office and agent.
322A.05 Records to be kept.
322A.06 Nature of business.
322A.07 Business transactions of partner with partnership.
322A.11 Certificate of limited partnership.
322A.12 Amendment to certificate.
322A.13 Cancellation of certificate.
322A.14 Execution of certificates.
322A.15 Execution by judicial act.
322A.16 Filing in office of secretary of state.
322A.17 Liability for false statement in certificate.
322A.18 Scope of notice.
322A.19 Delivery of certificates to limited partners.
322A.24 Admission of limited partners.
322A.25 Voting.
322A.26 Liability to third parties.
322A.27 Erroneous belief that one is a limited partner.
322A.28 Information.
322A.31 Admission of additional general partners.
322A.32 Events of withdrawal.
322A.33 General powers and liabilities.
322A.34 Contributions by general partner.
322A.35 Voting.
322A.38 Form of contribution.
322A.39 Liability for contribution.
322A.40 Sharing of profits and losses.
322A.41 Sharing of distributions.
322A.45 Interim distributions.
322A.46 Withdrawal of general partner.
322A.47 Withdrawal of limited partner.
322A.48 Distribution upon withdrawal.
322A.49 Distribution in kind.
322A.50 Right to distribution.
322A.51 Limitations on distribution.
322A.52 Liability upon return of contribution.
322A.55 Nature of partnership interest.
322A.56 Assignment of partnership interest.
322A.57 Rights of creditor.
322A.58 Right of assignee to become limited partner.
322A.59 Power of estate of deceased or incompetent partner.
322A.63 Nonjudicial dissolution.
322A.64 Judicial dissolution.
322A.65 Winding up.
322A.66 Distribution of assets.
322A.69 Law governing.
322A.70 Registration.
322A.71 Issuance of registration.
322A.72 Name.
322A.73 Changes and amendments.
322A.74 Cancellation of registration.
322A.75 Transaction of business without registration.
322A.76 Action by attorney general.
322A.761 Service of process on limited partnership or foreign limited partnership.
322A.79 Right of action.
322A.80 Proper plaintiff.
322A.81 Pleading.
322A.82 Expenses.
322A.85 Short title.
322A.86 Relationship to sections 322.01 to 322.31.
322A.87 Rules for cases not provided for in sections 322A.01 to 322A.87.
322A.88 Limited liability limited partnership.

Official Publication of the State of Minnesota
Revisor of Statutes