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CHAPTER 322. 1919 uniform limited partnership act

Table of Sections
Section Headnote
322.01 Definition.
322.02 Formation.
322.03 Business which may be carried on.
322.04 Character of limited partner's contribution.
322.05 Name not to contain surname of limited partner.
322.06 Liability for false statements in certificate.
322.07 Limited partner not liable to creditors.
322.08 Admission of additional limited partners.
322.09 Rights, powers, and liabilities of a general partner.
322.10 Rights of a limited partner.
322.11 Status of person erroneously believing to be a limited partner.
322.12 One person both general and limited partner.
322.13 Loans and other business transactions with limited partner.
322.14 Relation of limited partners inter se.
322.15 Compensation of limited partner.
322.16 Withdrawal or reduction of limited partner's contribution.
322.17 Liability of limited partner to partnership.
322.18 Nature of limited partner's interest.
322.19 Assignment of limited partner's interest.
322.20 Effect of retirement, death, or insanity of a general partner.
322.21 Death of limited partner.
322.22 Rights of creditors of limited partner.
322.23 Distribution of assets.
322.24 When certificate shall be canceled or amended.
322.25 Requirements for amendment and for cancellation of certificate.
322.26 Parties to actions.
322.27 Citation.
322.28 Rules of construction.
322.29 Rules for cases not provided for.
322.30 Provisions for existing limited partnerships.
322.31 Repeals.

Official Publication of the State of Minnesota
Revisor of Statutes