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297A.211 Common carriers as retailers.

Subdivision 1. Every person, as defined in this chapter, who is engaged in interstate for-hire transportation of tangible personal property or passengers by motor vehicle may at their option, under rules prescribed by the commissioner, register as retailers and pay the taxes imposed by this chapter in accordance with this section. Any taxes paid under this section are deemed use taxes, except local sales taxes when no corresponding local use tax is imposed. Persons referred to herein are: (1) persons possessing a certificate or permit or having completed a registration process that authorizes for-hire transportation of property or passengers from the United States Department of Transportation, the transportation regulation board, or the department of transportation; or (2) persons transporting commodities defined as "exempt" in for-hire transportation in interstate commerce; or (3) persons who, pursuant to contracts with persons described in clause (1) or (2) above, transport tangible personal property in interstate commerce. Persons qualifying under clauses (2) and (3) must maintain on a current basis the same type of mileage records that are required by persons specified in clause (1) by the United States Department of Transportation. Persons who in the course of their business are transporting solely their own goods in interstate commerce may also register as retailers pursuant to rules prescribed by the commissioner and pay the taxes imposed by this chapter in accordance with this section.

Subd. 2. (a) Such persons, when properly registered as retailers, may make purchases in this state, or import property into this state, without payment of the sales or use taxes imposed by this chapter at the time of purchase or importation, provided that such purchases or importations come within the provisions of this section and are made in strict compliance with the rules of the commissioner.

(b) Any person described in subdivision 1 may elect to pay directly to the commissioner any sales or use tax that may be due under this chapter for the acquisition of mobile transportation equipment and parts and accessories attached or to be attached to such equipment registered under section 168.187.

(c) The total cost of such equipment and parts and accessories attached or to be attached to such equipment shall be multiplied by a fraction, the numerator of which is the Minnesota mileage as reported on the current pro rata application provided for in section 168.187 and the denominator is the total mileage reported on the current pro rata registration application. The amount so determined shall be multiplied by the tax rate to disclose the tax due.

In computing the tax under this section "sales price" does not include the amount of any tax, except any manufacturer's or importer's excise tax, imposed by the United States upon or with respect to retail sales, whether imposed on the retailer or the consumer.

(d) Each such retailer shall make a return and remit to the commissioner the tax due for the preceding calendar month in accordance with the provisions of sections 289A.11 and 289A.20, subdivision 4.

Subd. 3. A person who pays the tax to the seller under section 297A.03 or pays the tax to the motor vehicle registrar as required by section 297B.02 and who meets the requirements of this section at the time of the sale, except that the person has not registered as a retailer under this section at the time of the sale, may register as a retailer, make a return, and file for a refund of the difference between the tax calculated under section 297A.02, 297A.14, or 297B.02 and the tax calculated under subdivision 2.

Subd. 4. Notwithstanding subdivisions 1 to 3, the commissioner may enter into an agreement with the commissioner of public safety, whereby upon approval of both commissioners, the commissioner of public safety will collect the sales tax on motor vehicles from persons defined in subdivision 1. For the purpose of collecting the tax, the commissioner of public safety shall act as the agent of the commissioner of revenue and shall be subject to all rules not inconsistent with the provisions of this chapter, that may be prescribed by the commissioner.

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