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268.125 Additional reemployment compensation benefits.

Subdivision 1. Additional benefits; when available. Additional benefits are available if:

(1) at a facility that had 100 or more employees, the employer reduced operations, resulting within a one-month period in the layoff of 50 percent or more of the facility's work force, including reductions caused as a result of a major natural disaster declared by the president;

(2) the employer has no expressed plan to resume operations that would lead to the reemployment of those employees in the immediate future; and

(3) the seasonally adjusted unemployment rate in the county that the facility is located was ten percent or more during the month of the reduction or any of the three months before or after the month of the reduction.

Subd. 2. Payment of benefits. Additional benefits are payable from the fund.

Subd. 3. Eligibility conditions. An applicant is eligible to receive additional benefits for any week during the applicant's benefit year if:

(1) the applicant was laid off from employment as a result of a reduction under subdivision 1 or was laid off due to lack of work from that employer during the three-month period before, or the three-month period after, the month of the reduction under subdivision 1;

(2) the applicant meets the eligibility requirements under section 268.085;

(3) the applicant is not subject to a disqualification under section 268.095; for the purpose of this subdivision, the disqualifying conditions in section 268.095, and the requalifying requirements, apply to the receipt of additional benefits;

(4) the applicant has exhausted regular benefits under section 268.07, is not entitled to receive extended benefits under section 268.115, and is not entitled to receive benefits under any other state or federal law for that week;

(5) a majority of the applicant's wage credits were from the employer that had a reduction in operations under subdivision 1.

Subd. 4. Weekly benefit amount. An applicant's weekly additional benefit amount shall be the same as the applicant's weekly benefit amount during the current benefit year under section 268.07.

Subd. 5. Maximum amount of benefits. The maximum amount of additional benefits available in the applicant's benefit year shall be one-half of the applicant's maximum amount of regular benefits available under section 268.07, subdivision 2. Extended benefits paid and benefits paid under any federal law other than regular benefits shall be deducted from the maximum amount of additional benefits available.

HIST: 1987 c 362 s 17; 1994 c 488 s 8; 1994 c 503 s 1-3; 1996 c 417 s 13-15; 1997 c 66 s 79; 2Sp1997 c 2 s 18,19; 1998 c 265 s 32; 1999 c 107 s 49-51,66

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