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Chapter 256L

Section 256L.05

Recent History

256L.05 Application procedures.

Subdivision 1. Application and information availability. Applications and other information must be made available to provider offices, local human services agencies, school districts, public and private elementary schools in which 25 percent or more of the students receive free or reduced price lunches, community health offices, and Women, Infants and Children (WIC) program sites. These sites may accept applications and forward the forms to the commissioner. Otherwise, applicants may apply directly to the commissioner. Beginning January 1, 2000, MinnesotaCare enrollment sites will be expanded to include local county human services agencies which choose to participate.

Subd. 1a. Person authorized to apply on applicant's behalf. Beginning January 1, 1999, a family member who is age 18 or over or who is an authorized representative, as defined in the medical assistance program, may apply on an applicant's behalf.

Subd. 2. Commissioner's duties. The commissioner shall use individuals' social security numbers as identifiers for purposes of administering the plan and conduct data matches to verify income. Applicants shall submit evidence of individual and family income, earned and unearned, such as the most recent income tax return, wage slips, or other documentation that is determined by the commissioner as necessary to verify income eligibility. The commissioner shall perform random audits to verify reported income and eligibility. The commissioner may execute data sharing arrangements with the department of revenue and any other governmental agency in order to perform income verification related to eligibility and premium payment under the MinnesotaCare program.

Subd. 3. Effective date of coverage. The effective date of coverage is the first day of the month following the month in which eligibility is approved and the first premium payment has been received. As provided in section 256B.057, coverage for newborns is automatic from the date of birth and must be coordinated with other health coverage. The effective date of coverage for eligible newly adoptive children added to a family receiving covered health services is the date of entry into the family. The effective date of coverage for other new recipients added to the family receiving covered health services is the first day of the month following the month in which eligibility is approved or at renewal, whichever the family receiving covered health services prefers. All eligibility criteria must be met by the family at the time the new family member is added. The income of the new family member is included with the family's gross income and the adjusted premium begins in the month the new family member is added. The premium must be received eight working days prior to the end of the month for coverage to begin the following month. Benefits are not available until the day following discharge if an enrollee is hospitalized on the first day of coverage. Notwithstanding any other law to the contrary, benefits under sections 256L.01 to 256L.18 are secondary to a plan of insurance or benefit program under which an eligible person may have coverage and the commissioner shall use cost avoidance techniques to ensure coordination of any other health coverage for eligible persons. The commissioner shall identify eligible persons who may have coverage or benefits under other plans of insurance or who become eligible for medical assistance.

Subd. 3a. Renewal of eligibility. Beginning January 1, 1999, an enrollee's eligibility must be renewed every 12 months. The 12-month period begins in the month after the month the application is approved.

Subd. 3b. Reapplication. Beginning January 1, 1999, families and individuals must reapply after a lapse in coverage of one calendar month or more and must meet all eligibility criteria.

Subd. 3c. Retroactive coverage. Notwithstanding subdivision 3, the effective date of coverage shall be the first day of the month following termination from medical assistance or general assistance medical care for families and individuals who are eligible for MinnesotaCare and who submitted a written request for retroactive MinnesotaCare coverage with a completed application within 30 days of the mailing of notification of termination from medical assistance or general assistance medical care. The applicant must provide all required verifications within 30 days of the written request for verification. For retroactive coverage, premiums must be paid in full for any retroactive month, current month, and next month within 30 days of the premium billing.

Subd. 4. Application processing. The commissioner of human services shall determine an applicant's eligibility for MinnesotaCare no more than 30 days from the date that the application is received by the department of human services. Beginning January 1, 2000, this requirement also applies to local county human services agencies that determine eligibility for MinnesotaCare. Once annually at application or reenrollment, to prevent processing delays, applicants or enrollees who, from the information provided on the application, appear to meet eligibility requirements shall be enrolled upon timely payment of premiums. The enrollee must provide all required verifications within 30 days of notification of the eligibility determination or coverage from the program shall be terminated. Enrollees who are determined to be ineligible when verifications are provided shall be disenrolled from the program.

Subd. 5. Availability of private insurance. The commissioner, in consultation with the commissioners of health and commerce, shall provide information regarding the availability of private health insurance coverage to all families and individuals enrolled in the MinnesotaCare program whose gross family income is equal to or more than 200 percent of the federal poverty guidelines. This information must be provided upon initial enrollment and annually thereafter.

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