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256J.76 County administrative aid.

Subdivision 1. Administrative functions. Beginning July 1, 1997, counties will receive federal funds from the TANF block grant for use in supporting eligibility, fraud control, and other related administrative functions. The federal funds available for distribution, as determined by the commissioner, must be an amount equal to federal administrative aid distributed for fiscal year 1996 under titles IV-A and IV-F of the Social Security Act in effect prior to October 1, 1996. This amount must include the amount paid for local collaboratives under sections 245.4932 and 256F.13, but must not include administrative aid associated with child care under section 119B.05, with emergency assistance intensive family preservation services under section 256F.05, with administrative activities as part of the employment and training services under this chapter or chapter 256K, or with fraud prevention investigation activities under section 256.983. Before July 15, 1999, a county may ask for a review of the commissioner's determination when the county believes fiscal year 1996 information was inaccurate or incomplete. By August 15, 1999, the commissioner must adjust that county's base when the commissioner has determined that inaccurate or incomplete information was used to develop that base. The commissioner shall adjust the county's 1999 allocation amount to reflect the base change.

Subd. 2. Allocation of county funds. (a) The commissioner shall determine and allocate the funds available to each county, on a calendar year basis, proportional to the amount paid to each county for fiscal year 1996, excluding the amount paid for local collaboratives under sections 245.4932 and 256F.13. For the period beginning July 1, 1997, and ending December 31, 1998, each county shall receive 150 percent of its base year allocation.

(b) Beginning January 1, 2000, the commissioner shall allocate funds made available under this section on a calendar year basis to each county first, in amounts equal to each county's guaranteed floor as described in clause (1), second, to provide an allocation of up to $2,000 to each county as provided for in clause (2), and third, any remaining funds shall be allocated in proportion to the sum of each county's average monthly MFIP cases plus ten percent of each county's average monthly MFIP recipients with budgeted earnings as determined by the most recent calendar year data available.

(1) Each county's guaranteed floor shall be calculated as follows:

(i) 90 percent of that county's allocation in the preceding calendar year; or

(ii) when the amount of funds available is less than the guaranteed floor, each county's allocation shall be equal to the previous calendar year allocation reduced by the same percentage that the statewide allocation was reduced.

(2) Each county shall be allocated up to $2,000. If, after application of the guaranteed floor, funds are insufficient to provide $2,000 per county, each county's allocation under this clause shall be an equal share of remaining funds available.

Subd. 3. Monthly payments to counties. The commissioner shall pay counties monthly as federal funds are available. The commissioner may certify the payments for the first three months of a calendar year.

Subd. 4. Reporting requirement and reimbursement. The commissioner shall specify requirements for reporting according to section 256.01, subdivision 2, paragraph (17). Each county shall be reimbursed at a rate of 50 percent of eligible expenditures up to the limit of its allocation. The commissioner shall regularly review each county's eligible expenditures compared to its allocation. The commissioner may reallocate funds at any time, from counties which have not or will not have expended their allocations, to counties that have eligible expenditures in excess of their allocation.

HIST: 1997 c 85 art 1 s 60; 1999 c 159 s 93; 1999 c 245 art 6 s 81-83

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