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192.49 Pay and allowances of officers and organizations.

Subdivision 1. Officers. Every commissioned officer of the military forces shall receive from the state, while engaged in any service ordered by the governor, pay and allowances at the rate now or hereafter paid or allowed by law to officers of the same grade and length of service in the armed forces of the United States, but not less than $130 a day.

Subd. 2. Enlisted persons. When called into active service by the governor, other than for encampment or maneuvers, including the time necessarily consumed in travel, each enlisted person of the military forces shall be paid by the state the pay and the allowances, when not furnished in kind, provided by law for enlisted persons of similar grade, rating, and length of service in the armed forces of the United States, or $130 a day, whichever is more.

Subd. 3. Allowances for military expense. (a) Allowances for the necessary military expenses of all organizations, units, or detachments of the military forces, including clerk hire, office supplies, postage, and other actual outlay, may be paid by the adjutant general out of the funds appropriated for the maintenance of the military forces. These allowances annually may not exceed:

(1) for the state headquarters and for the division headquarters when located in this state $2,500 each;

(2) $3,000 for the commanding general of troops;

(3) for any other organization commanded by a general officer $2,200;

(4) for any brigade, group, battalion, squadron, or equivalent organization $500 plus $100 for each immediately and directly subordinate organization or unit; and

(5) $600 for incidental expenses of each company, battery, or detachment.

(b) Allowances authorized under this section shall be expended and accounted for as prescribed by the adjutant general.

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Revisor of Statutes