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162.12 Accruals to municipal state-aid street fund; accounts.

Subdivision 1. Estimate of accruals. By December 15 of each year the commissioner shall estimate the amount of money that will be available to the municipal state-aid street fund during that fiscal year. The amount available is based on actual receipts from July 1 through November 30, the unallocated fund balance, and the projected receipts for the remainder of the fiscal year. The total available, except for deductions as provided herein, shall be apportioned by the commissioner to the cities having a population of 5,000 or more as hereinafter provided.

Subd. 2. Administrative costs. A sum of 1-1/2 percent shall be deducted from the total available in the municipal state-aid street fund, set aside in a separate account, and used for administration costs incurred by the state transportation department in carrying out the provisions relating to the municipal state-aid street system.

Subd. 3. Disaster account. After deducting administrative costs as provided in subdivision 2, the commissioner shall set aside each year a sum of money equal to two percent of the remaining money in the municipal state-aid street fund to provide for a disaster account; provided, that the total amount of money in the disaster account shall never exceed five percent of the total sums to be apportioned to the statutory and home rule charter cities having a population of 5,000 or more. The disaster account shall be used to provide aid to any such city encountering disaster or unforeseen event affecting the municipal state-aid street system of the city, and resulting in an undue and burdensome financial hardship. Any such city desiring aid by reason of such disaster or unforeseen event shall request aid in the form required by the commissioner. Upon receipt of the request the commissioner shall appoint a board consisting of two representatives of the cities, who must be either a city engineer or member of the governing body of a city, from cities other than the requesting city, and a representative of the commissioner. The board shall investigate the matter and report its findings and recommendations in writing to the commissioner. Final determination of the amount of aid, if any, to be paid to the city from the disaster account shall be made by the commissioner. Upon determining to aid the city, the commissioner shall certify to the commissioner of finance the amount of aid, and the commissioner of finance shall thereupon issue a warrant in that amount payable to the fiscal officer of the city. Money so paid shall be expended on the municipal state-aid street system in accordance with rules of the commissioner.

Subd. 4. Research account. (a) Each year the screening board, provided for in section 162.13, subdivision 3, may recommend to the commissioner a sum of money that the commissioner shall set aside from the municipal state-aid street fund and credit to a research account. The amount so recommended and set aside shall not exceed one-half of one percent of the preceding year's apportionment sum.

(b) Any money so set aside shall be used by the commissioner for the purpose of:

(1) conducting research for improving the design, construction, maintenance and environmental compatibility of municipal state-aid streets and appurtenances;

(2) constructing research elements and reconstructing or replacing research elements that fail; and

(3) conducting programs for implementing and monitoring research results.

(c) Any balance remaining in the research account at the end of each year from the sum set aside for the year immediately previous, shall be transferred to the municipal state-aid street fund.

Subd. 5. Municipal state-aid street revolving loan account. A municipal state-aid street revolving loan account is created in the transportation revolving loan fund. The commissioner may transfer to the account the amount allocated under section 162.125. Money in the account may be used to make loans. Funds in the municipal state-aid street revolving loan account may be used only for aid in the construction, improvement, and maintenance of municipal state-aid streets. Funds in the account may not be used for any toll facilities project or congestion-pricing project. Repayments and interest from loans from the municipal state-aid street revolving loan account must be credited to that account. Money in the account is annually appropriated to the commissioner and does not lapse. Interest earned from investment of money in this account must be deposited in the municipal state-aid street revolving loan account.

HIST: 1959 c 500 art 3 s 12; 1963 c 74 s 1; 1973 c 123 art 5 s 7; 1973 c 492 s 14; 1974 c 172 s 2; 1976 c 166 s 7; 1985 c 248 s 70; 1986 c 444; 1Sp1986 c 1 art 8 s 3; 1991 c 339 s 5; 1994 c 635 art 1 s 7,8; 1997 c 141 s 5; 1999 c 230 s 13-15

* NOTE: Subdivision 5, as added by Laws 1997, chapter 141, *section 5, is effective six months after the effective date of *an increase in the gasoline excise tax rate or vehicle *registration tax rates. Laws 1997, chapter 141, section 11.

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