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122A.60 Staff development program.

Subdivision 1. Staff development committee. A school board must use the revenue authorized in section 122A.61 for in-service education for programs under section 120B.22, subdivision 2, or for staff development plans under this section. The board must establish an advisory staff development committee to develop the plan, assist site professional development teams in developing a site plan consistent with the goals of the plan, and evaluate staff development efforts at the site level. A majority of the advisory committee and the site professional development team must be teachers representing various grade levels, subject areas, and special education. The advisory committee must also include nonteaching staff, parents, and administrators. Districts must report staff development results and expenditures to the commissioner in the form and manner determined by the commissioner. The expenditure report must include expenditures by the board for district level activities and expenditures made by the staff. The report must provide a breakdown of expenditures for (1) curriculum development and programs, (2) in-service education, workshops, and conferences, and (3) the cost of teachers or substitute teachers for staff development purposes. Within each of these categories, the report must also indicate whether the expenditures were incurred at the district level or the school site level, and whether the school site expenditures were made possible by the grants to school sites that demonstrate exemplary use of allocated staff development revenue. These expenditures are to be reported using the UFARS system. The commissioner shall report the staff development expenditure data to the education committees of the legislature by February 15 each year.

Subd. 2. Contents of the plan. The plan must include the staff development outcomes under subdivision 3, the means to achieve the outcomes, and procedures for evaluating progress at each school site toward meeting education outcomes.

Subd. 3. Staff development outcomes. The advisory staff development committee must adopt a staff development plan for improving student achievement. The plan must be consistent with education outcomes that the school board determines. The plan must include ongoing staff development activities that contribute toward continuous improvement in achievement of the following goals:

(1) improve student achievement of state and local education standards in all areas of the curriculum by using best practices methods;

(2) effectively meet the needs of a diverse student population, including at-risk children, children with disabilities, and gifted children, within the regular classroom and other settings;

(3) provide an inclusive curriculum for a racially, ethnically, and culturally diverse student population that is consistent with the state education diversity rule and the district's education diversity plan;

(4) improve staff collaboration and develop mentoring and peer coaching programs for teachers new to the school or district;

(5) effectively teach and model violence prevention policy and curriculum that address early intervention alternatives, issues of harassment, and teach nonviolent alternatives for conflict resolution; and

(6) provide teachers and other members of site-based management teams with appropriate management and financial management skills.

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