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CHAPTER 110A. Rural water user districts

Table of Sections
Section Headnote
110A.01 Policy statement.
110A.02 Definitions.
110A.03 Water user district; organization.
110A.04 Petition for organization.
110A.05 Lands included.
110A.06 Organization of district within territorial boundaries of another district.
110A.07 Directors; election.
110A.08 Grouping of directors elected at large; term of office.
110A.09 Petition; signatures.
110A.10 Instruments constituting petition.
110A.11 Maps, plans and estimates.
110A.12 Examination of petition.
110A.13 Publication of petition.
110A.14 Protest against organization.
110A.15 Investigation of proposed district and works.
110A.16 Feasibility; recording; establishment.
110A.17 Directors; qualification; meeting.
110A.18 Additional territory.
110A.19 Petition to include additional territory.
110A.20 Maps; plans; estimates.
110A.21 Publication; protests.
110A.22 Approval of extension.
110A.23 Members; election; terms.
110A.24 Elections; place.
110A.25 Directors.
110A.26 Officers.
110A.27 Board of directors.
110A.28 Powers.
110A.29 Contracts.
110A.30 Debt.
110A.31 Service charges.
110A.32 Disbursements; fiscal year; audits.
110A.33 Works; ownership; sale.
110A.34 Foreclosure.
110A.35 Dissolution.
110A.36 Appeals.

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