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84.8205 Snowmobile state trail sticker.

Subdivision 1. Sticker required; fee. A person may not operate a snowmobile that is not registered in this state on a state or grant-in-aid snowmobile trail unless a snowmobile state trail sticker is affixed to the snowmobile. The commissioner of natural resources shall issue a sticker upon application and payment of a $15 fee. The sticker is valid from November 1 through April 30. Fees collected under this section shall be deposited in the state treasury and credited to the snowmobile trails and enforcement account in the natural resources fund.

Subd. 2. Placement of sticker. The state trail sticker shall be permanently affixed to the forward half of the snowmobile directly above or below the headlight of the snowmobile.

Subd. 3. License agents. County auditors are appointed agents of the commissioner for the sale of snowmobile state trail stickers. The commissioner may appoint other state agencies as agents for the sale of the stickers. A county auditor may appoint subagents within the county or within adjacent counties to sell stickers. Upon appointment of a subagent, the auditor shall notify the commissioner of the name and address of the subagent. The auditor may revoke the appointment of a subagent, and the commissioner may revoke the appointment of a state agency at any time. The commissioner may require an auditor to revoke a subagent's appointment. The auditor shall furnish stickers on consignment to any subagent who furnishes a surety bond in favor of the county in an amount at least equal to the value of the stickers to be consigned to that subagent. A surety bond is not required for a state agency appointed by the commissioner. The county auditor shall be responsible for all stickers issued to and user fees received by agents except in a county where the county auditor does not retain fees paid for license purposes. In these counties, the responsibilities imposed by this section upon the county auditor are imposed upon the county. The commissioner may promulgate additional rules governing the accounting and procedures for handling state trail stickers as provided in section 97A.485, subdivision 11.

Any resident desiring to sell snowmobile state trail stickers may either purchase for cash or obtain on consignment stickers from a county auditor in groups of not less than ten individual stickers. In selling stickers, the resident shall be deemed a subagent of the county auditor and the commissioner, and shall observe all rules promulgated by the commissioner for accounting and handling of licenses and stickers pursuant to section 97A.485, subdivision 11.

The county auditor shall promptly deposit all money received from the sale of the stickers with the county treasurer and shall promptly transmit any reports required by the commissioner, plus 96 percent of the price paid by each stickerholder, exclusive of the issuing fee, for each sticker sold or consigned by the auditor and subsequently sold to a stickerholder during the accounting period. The county auditor shall retain as a commission four percent of all sticker fees, excluding the issuing fee for stickers consigned to subagents and the issuing fee on stickers sold by the auditor to stickerholders.

Unsold stickers in the hands of any subagent shall be redeemed by the commissioner if presented for redemption within the time prescribed by the commissioner. Any stickers not presented for redemption within the period prescribed shall be conclusively presumed to have been sold, and the subagent possessing the same or to whom they are charged shall be accountable.

Subd. 4. Distribution of stickers. The commissioner shall provide stickers to all agents authorized to issue stickers by the commissioner.

Subd. 5. Agent's fee. The fee for a sticker shall be increased by the amount of an issuing fee of $1 per sticker. The issuing fee may be retained by the seller of the sticker.

HIST: 1997 c 216 s 62; 1998 c 401 s 21

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Revisor of Statutes