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CHAPTER 65A. Fire and related insurance

Table of Sections
Section Headnote
65A.01 Minnesota standard fire insurance policy.
65A.02 Joint policy.
65A.03 Binders, temporary insurance.
65A.04 Effect on section 65A.08.
65A.05 Nuclear reaction, radiation or radioactive contamination; endorsement.
65A.06 Motor vehicle, ocean and inland marine policies.
65A.061 Creditors limited to existing insurance.
65A.07 Cancellation of fire policy.
65A.08 Special provisions.
65A.09 Insurance in excess of value.
65A.10 Limitation.
65A.11 Payment to mortgagee.
65A.12 Waiver of right to arbitration.
65A.13 Liability of company.
65A.14 Person who procures an application agent of issuing company.
65A.15 Violation.
65A.16 Guaranty surplus and special reserve fund.
65A.17 Action of stockholders filed with commissioner.
65A.18 Dividends declared out of surplus profits.
65A.19 Examination.
65A.20 Items considered in estimating profit.
65A.21 Investment of guaranty surplus.
65A.22 Investment of special reserve fund.
65A.23 When claims exceed guaranty surplus and capital stock.
65A.24 Stockholders to make up impairment.
65A.25 [Repealed, 1996 c 446 art 1 s 72; 1998 c 339 s 72]
65A.26 Hail insurance, policies, loss adjustment.
65A.27 Definitions.
65A.28 Disclosure and filing requirements.
65A.29 Cancellation; nonrenewal; refusal to write.
65A.295 Homeowner's insurance coverage.
65A.296 Proof of loss.
65A.30 Day care services; coverage.
65A.31 Minnesota FAIR Plan Act.
65A.32 Purposes.
65A.33 Definitions.
65A.34 Application for coverage.
65A.35 Administration.
65A.36 Underwriting.
65A.37 Policy forms.
65A.375 Rates for cooperative housing and neighborhood real estate trusts.
65A.38 Policy cancellation.
65A.39 Appeals.
65A.40 Education programs.
65A.41 Agents.
65A.42 Immunity from liability.
65A.43 [Repealed, 1993 c 248 s 17]
65A.44 Definitions.
65A.45 Residential renter's insurance policy.
65A.50 Trust or escrow accounts; insured real property fire or explosion loss proceeds.

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