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CHAPTER 604A. Liability of good samaritan, charity, public activity

Table of Sections
Section Headnote
604A.01 Good Samaritan law.
604A.015 School bus driver immunity from liability.
604A.02 Aid to shooting victim.
604A.03 Miscellaneous Good Samaritan laws.
604A.10 Liability of food donors.
604A.11 Volunteer athletic coaches and officials; physicians and trainers; immunity from liability.
604A.12 Livestock activities; immunity from liability.
604A.13 Miscellaneous volunteer and charitable activities.
604A.20 Policy.
604A.21 Recreational land use; definitions.
604A.22 Owner's duty of care or duty to give warnings.
604A.23 Owner's liability.
604A.24 Liability; leased land, water filled mine pits.
604A.25 Owner's liability; not limited.
604A.26 Land user's liability.
604A.27 Dedication; easement.
604A.30 Breath alcohol testing device in liquor establishments.
604A.301 Limited liability for certain nonprofit treatment facilities.
604A.31 Miscellaneous public benefit or function.
604A.32 Alternative dispute resolution immunity.

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Revisor of Statutes