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571.921 Definitions.

For purposes of sections 571.921 to 571.926, the following terms have the meanings given them:

(a) "Earnings" means:

(1) compensation paid or payable to an employee for personal service whether denominated as wages, salary, commissions, bonus, or otherwise, and includes periodic payments pursuant to a pension or retirement program;

(2) compensation paid or payable to the producer for the sale of agricultural products; livestock or livestock products; milk or milk products; or fruit or other horticultural products produced when the producer is operating a family farm, a family farm corporation, or an authorized farm corporation, as defined in section 500.24, subdivision 2; or

(3) maintenance as defined in section 518.54, subdivision 3;

(b) "Disposable earnings" means that part of the earnings of an individual remaining after the deduction from those earnings of amounts required by law to be withheld.

(c) "Employee" means an individual who performs services subject to the right of the employer to control both what is done and how it is done.

(d) "Employer" means a person for whom an individual performs services as an employee.

HIST: 1990 c 606 art 3 s 29; 1998 c 382 art 2 s 19

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Revisor of Statutes