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CHAPTER 566. Forcible entry and unlawful detainer

Table of Sections
Section Headnote
566.01 Forcible entry and unlawful detainer.
566.02 Unlawful detention of lands or tenements subject to fine.
566.021 Notice of seizure provision.
566.03 Recovery of possession; defenses.
566.04 No restitution if tenant holds over for three years.
566.05 Complaint and summons.
566.051 Expedited proceedings.
566.06 Summons; how served.
566.07 Answer; trial.
566.08 Adjournment; security for rent.
566.09 Judgment; fine; execution.
566.10 Disagreement.
566.11 Writ of restitution; effect of appeal.
566.12 Appeal; stay.
566.13 Appeal after issuance of writ; stay.
566.14 Dismissal of appeals; amendments; return.
566.15 Form of verdict.
566.16 Forms of summons and writ.
566.17 Execution of the writ of restitution.
566.175 Unlawful removal or exclusion; recovery of possession.
566.18 Remedies for tenants; definitions.
566.19 Inspection, notice.
566.20 Special proceeding.
566.205 Emergency relief proceeding.
566.21 Summons.
566.22 Answer.
566.23 Defenses.
566.24 Hearing.
566.25 Judgment.
566.26 Service of judgment.
566.27 Owner's right to collect rent suspended.
566.28 Eviction proceedings by owner limited.
566.29 Administrator.
566.291 Receivership revolving loan fund.
566.30 Removal of administrator.
566.31 Termination of administration.
566.32 Waiver prohibited.
566.33 Purpose to provide additional remedies.
566.34 Escrow of rent to remedy violations.
566.35 Violations of building repair orders.

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