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Minnesota Legislature

Office of the Revisor of Statutes

CHAPTER 559. Adverse claims to real estate

Table of Sections
Section Headnote
559.01 Action to determine adverse claims.
559.013 State as defendant.
559.02 Unknown defendants.
559.03 Disclaimer; default; costs.
559.04 Claimants under common grantor; joinder.
559.05 Action against cotenant; denial of right.
559.06 Termination of plaintiff's right pending action.
559.07 Ejectment; trial, how conducted; no second trial.
559.08 Ejectment; damages; improvements.
559.09 Removal of building erected in good faith.
559.10 Occupying claimant; compensation for improvements.
559.11 Pleadings; trial; verdict.
559.12 Compensation before execution.
559.13 Occupant to pay value of land, when.
559.14 May remove crops.
559.15 Occupant not in actual possession; actions in other form.
559.16 Order for survey.
559.17 Mortgage not a conveyance; mortgagee cannot possess.
559.18 Conveyance by mortgagor to mortgagee.
559.19 Action to declare mortgage; limitation.
559.20 Application.
559.205 Contracts for deed; modification.
559.209 Mediation notice and conditions for agricultural property.
559.2091 Contract for deed subject to mediation.
559.21 Contract termination; notice; service; costs; conditions.
559.211 Restraining, enjoining proceedings to terminate.
559.213 Prima facie evidence of termination.
559.214 Supplementary affidavit.
559.215 Validating terminations of contract of sale.
559.216 Application of curative provisions.
559.22 In recovery action defendant's buyer may be liable.
559.23 Action to determine boundary lines.
559.24 Pleadings; additional parties.
559.25 Judgment; landmarks.