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CHAPTER 401. Community corrections

Table of Sections
Section Headnote
401.01 Purpose and definition; assistance grants.
401.02 Counties or regions; services includable.
401.025 Detention and release; probationers, conditional releasees, and pretrial releasees.
401.03 Promulgation of rules; technical assistance.
401.04 Acquisition of property; selection of administrative structure; employees.
401.05 Fiscal powers.
401.06 Comprehensive plan; standards of eligibility; compliance.
401.065 Pretrial diversion programs.
401.07 Existing single jurisdiction counties or groups.
401.08 Corrections advisory board; members; duties.
401.09 Other subsidy programs; purchase of state services.
401.10 Community corrections aid.
401.11 Items included in plan pursuant to rule.
401.12 Continuation of current spending level by counties.
401.13 Charges made to counties.
401.14 Payment of subsidy.
401.15 Procedure for determination and payment of amount; biennial review.
401.16 Withdrawal from program.

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