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3.3005 Federal money; expenditure review.

Subdivision 1. Definition. As used in this section, the term "state agency" means all agencies in the executive branch of state government, but does not include the Minnesota historical society, the University of Minnesota, or the Minnesota state colleges and universities.

Subd. 2. Governor's request to legislature. A state agency shall not expend money received by it under federal law for any purpose unless a request to spend federal money from that source for that purpose in that fiscal year has been submitted by the governor to the legislature as a part of a budget request submitted during or within ten days before the start of a regular legislative session, or unless specifically authorized by law or as provided by this section.

Subd. 2a. Review of federal funds spending request. Twenty days after a governor's budget request that includes a request to spend federal money is submitted to the legislature under subdivision 2, a state agency may expend money included in that request unless, within the 20-day period, a member of the legislative advisory commission requests further review. If a legislative advisory commission member requests further review of a federal funds spending request, the agency may not expend the federal funds until the request has been satisfied and withdrawn, the expenditure is approved in law, or the regular session of the legislature is adjourned for the year.

Subd. 3. State match. If a request to spend federal money is included in the governor's budget or spending the money is authorized by law but the amount of federal money received requires a state match greater than that included in the budget request or authorized by law, the amount that requires an additional state match may be allotted for expenditure after the requirements of subdivision 5 are met.

Subd. 4. Interim procedures; urgencies. If federal money becomes available to the state for expenditure while the legislature is not in session, and the availability of money from that source or for that purpose or in that fiscal year could not reasonably have been anticipated and included in the governor's budget request, and an urgency requires that all or part of the money be allotted before the legislature reconvenes, it may be allotted to a state agency after the requirements of subdivision 5 are met.

Subd. 5. Legislative advisory commission review. Federal money that becomes available under subdivisions 3 and 4 may be allotted after the commissioner of finance has submitted the request to the members of the legislative advisory commission for their review and recommendation for further review. If a recommendation is not made within ten days, no further review by the legislative advisory commission is required, and the commissioner shall approve or disapprove the request. If a recommendation by any member is for further review the governor shall submit the request to the legislative advisory commission for its review and recommendation. Failure or refusal of the commission to make a recommendation promptly is a negative recommendation.

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