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268.182 False representations; concealment of facts; penalty.

(a) Whoever obtains, or attempts to obtain, or aids or abets any individual to obtain by means of an intentional false statement or representation, by intentional concealment of a material fact, or by impersonation or other fraudulent means, benefits that the individual is not entitled or benefits greater than the individual is entitled under this chapter, or under the law of any state or of the federal government, either personally or for any other individual, is guilty of theft and shall be sentenced pursuant to section 609.52.

(b) Any individual who violates paragraph (a) may be assessed an administrative penalty of denial of benefits for one to 52 weeks that the individual would otherwise be entitled to benefits. A denial shall not apply to any week more than two years after the week that the violation of paragraph (a) was determined. A written determination of denial shall be mailed to the individual's last known address. Unless an appeal is filed within 30 calendar days of mailing, the determination shall be final. Proceeding on the appeal shall be conducted in accordance with section 268.105. This paragraph shall not apply if prosecution is commenced under paragraph (a) or a penalty is imposed under section 268.18, subdivision 2.

(c) Any employer or any officer or agent of an employer or any other person who makes a false statement or representation knowing it to be false, or who knowingly fails to disclose a material fact, to prevent or reduce the payment of benefits to any claimant, is guilty of a gross misdemeanor unless the benefit underpayment exceeds $500, in that case the person is guilty of a felony.

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