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CHAPTER 16A. Department of finance

Table of Sections
Section Headnote
16A.01 Department of finance; commissioner; employees.
16A.011 Definitions.
16A.02 [Repealed, 1984 c 628 art 2 s 4]
16A.04 Budget and cash projection.
16A.041 Rulemaking.
16A.05 [Repealed, 1977 c 410 s 19]
16A.055 Some of the commissioner's duties.
16A.06 Other commissioner duties and powers.
16A.065 Prepay software, subscriptions, United States documents.
16A.07 [Repealed, 1984 c 628 art 2 s 4]
16A.08 [Repealed, 1984 c 628 art 2 s 4]
16A.09 [Repealed, 1976 c 231 s 34]
16A.095 State budget system.
16A.10 Budget preparation.
16A.101 Service contracts.
16A.102 Budgeting revenues relative to personal income.
16A.103 Forecasts of revenue and expenditures.
16A.105 Debt capacity forecast.
16A.11 Budget to legislature.
16A.115 Relocation requests.
16A.12 [Repealed, 1977 c 455 s 95]
16A.122 Work force planning and reporting.
16A.123 [Repealed, 1993 c 192 s 110]
16A.124 Prompt payment of state agency bills required.
16A.1245 Prompt payment to subcontractors.
16A.125 State trust lands.
16A.126 Revolving fund billing.
16A.127 Indirect costs.
16A.128 [Repealed, 1993 c 192 s 110]
16A.1281 [Repealed, 1993 c 192 s 110]
16A.1285 Departmental earnings.
16A.129 Other commissioner powers.
16A.13 Federal tax withholding.
16A.131 Deductions for United States securities, transit cards.
16A.132 [Repealed, 1984 c 628 art 2 s 4; 1984 c 654 art 2 s 155]
16A.133 Credit union, parking, other deductions.
16A.134 Charitable organizations payroll deductions.
16A.138 Officials not to exceed appropriation.
16A.139 Misappropriation of money.
16A.14 Allotment and encumbrance system.
16A.15 Accounting system; allotment and encumbrance.
16A.152 Budget reserve and cash flow account.
16A.1521 Property tax reform account.
16A.153 [Repealed, 1983 c 342 art 18 s 4]
16A.154 [Repealed, 1Sp1986 c 1 art 5 s 12]
16A.1541 Renumbered 16A.152 subd 2
16A.155 Refunds; charged when paid.
16A.16 [Repealed, 1983 c 299 s 36]
16A.17 Preparation of state payroll.
16A.18 Accounting, payroll for courts, legislature.
16A.19 Retirement, social security deficiencies.
16A.25 Sale of securities before maturity.
16A.26 One depository account for each tax.
16A.27 State funds; deposit; control by commissioner.
16A.275 Agency receipts; deposit, report, credit.
16A.276 Cash overage and shortage account.
16A.28 Treatment of unused appropriations.
16A.281 Appropriations to legislature.
16A.283 Appropriations to courts.
16A.284 Appropriations to constitutional officers.
16A.285 Allowed appropriation transfers.
16A.30 Applications for nonstate funds.
16A.35 [Repealed, 1993 c 192 s 110]
16A.36 Grants from and advances to United States.
16A.40 Warrants.
16A.41 Claims against state.
16A.42 Claims: form, approval, register.
16A.43 Warrant a receipt.
16A.44 Commissioner may compel testimony.
16A.45 Outstanding unpaid warrants, cancellation.
16A.46 Lost or destroyed warrant duplicate; indemnity.
16A.47 Commissioner's account, document duties.
16A.48 Refund of erroneous deposits.
16A.49 Refunds of $1 or less.
16A.50 Financial report to legislature.
16A.501 Report on expenditure of bond proceeds.
16A.51 [Repealed, 1984 c 654 art 2 s 155]
16A.52 [Repealed, 1984 c 628 art 2 s 4]
16A.53 Bookkeeping accounts.
16A.531 Funds created.
16A.54 General fund defined.
16A.55 [Repealed, 1984 c 628 art 2 s 4]
16A.56 Commissioner's receipt and claim duties.
16A.57 Appropriation, allotment, and warrant needed.
16A.575 Appropriations; not disclosing source.
16A.58 Commissioner custodian of payment documents.
16A.59 [Repealed, 1984 c 654 art 2 s 155]
16A.60 Cost to collect highway taxes to general fund.
16A.61 Certificate money to general fund.
16A.62 Money in abolished fund to general fund.
16A.625 [Repealed, 1988 c 646 art 5 s 10]
16A.63 [Repealed, 1984 c 597 s 55]
16A.631 Bond proceeds fund.
16A.632 Capital asset preservation and replacement account.
16A.64 [Repealed, 1984 c 597 s 55]
16A.641 State bonds; appropriations.
16A.642 State bonds: reports; cancellations.
16A.643 Assessments if agency must pay debt service.
16A.645 Gopher state bonds.
16A.646 Zero coupon bonds.
16A.651 [Repealed, 1990 c 610 art 1 s 59]
16A.66 Refunding bonds.
16A.661 General obligation special tax bonds.
16A.662 Infrastructure development bonds.
16A.67 Judgment bonds.
16A.6701 Deposit of certain state license fees, service fees, and charges.
16A.671 Certificates of indebtedness.
16A.672 Bonds and certificates of indebtedness.
16A.673 Certificates of indebtedness issued by state, negotiability.
16A.675 Persons executing obligations not liable.
16A.68 Federal funds to the game and fish account.
16A.69 Appropriations into single project account.
16A.695 Property purchased with state bond proceeds.
16A.70 [Repealed, 1994 c 416 art 1 s 65]
16A.71 [Repealed, 1994 c 416 art 1 s 65]
16A.712 [Repealed, 1994 c 587 art 3 s 21]
16A.72 Income credited to general fund; exceptions.
16A.721 State seminar fees, appropriation.
16A.722 Loss or damage to state property.
16A.723 Governor's residence; reimbursement of expenses.
16A.724 Health care access fund.
16A.73 [Repealed, 1984 c 654 art 2 s 155]
16A.75 [Repealed, 1981 c 356 s 377]
16A.751 [Repealed, 1981 c 356 s 377]
16A.752 [Repealed, 1981 c 356 s 377]
16A.753 [Repealed, 1981 c 356 s 377]
16A.754 [Repealed, 1981 c 356 s 377]
16A.76 Federal reserve; health care access fund.
16A.79 Matching federal appropriations.
16A.80 [Repealed, 1993 c 192 s 110]
16A.85 Master lease.

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