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CHAPTER 127A. State administration of education

Table of Sections
Section Headnote
127A.01 Definitions.
127A.05 Commissioner of children, families, and learning.
127A.06 Recommendations; budget.
127A.07 Shared service agreements.
127A.08 Conference and workshop fee receipts; receipts and payments from public and nonprofit private agencies.
127A.09 Federal aid for education.
127A.10 State officials and school board members to be disinterested; penalty.
127A.15 Library information services.
127A.16 Uniform systems of records and of accounting; state board.
127A.17 Uniform systems of records and of accounting; commissioner.
127A.18 Management assistance to school districts.
127A.19 Financial management assistance and training to school districts and school sites.
127A.30 Permanent school fund advisory committee.
127A.31 Goal of the permanent school fund.
127A.32 School endowment fund; designation.
127A.33 School endowment fund; apportionment.
127A.34 County auditor and commissioner duties.
127A.40 Manner of payment of state aids.
127A.41 Distribution of school aids; appropriation.
127A.42 Reduction of aid for violation of law.
127A.43 District employment of unlicensed teachers; aid reduction.
127A.44 Aid reduction; levy revenue recognition change.
127A.45 Payment of aids and credits to school districts.
127A.46 Change in payment of aids and credits.
127A.47 Payments to resident and nonresident districts.
127A.48 Adjustment of net tax capacity.
127A.49 Aid adjustments.
127A.50 Aid adjustments due to changes in employer retirement contribution rates.
127A.51 Statewide average revenue.
127A.60 State board of education.
127A.61 State board members; oath of office.
127A.62 State board membership in certain organizations.
127A.63 Contracts with federal government.
127A.64 Contracts to be in writing.
127A.66 State board; powers and duties.
127A.67 State board purchase of annuity for employees.
127A.80 Compact.
127A.81 Education commission.

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