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CHAPTER 60C. Insurance guaranty association

Table of Sections
Section Headnote
60C.01 Citation.
60C.02 Scope, purpose and construction.
60C.03 Definitions.
60C.04 Creation.
60C.05 Powers and duties.
60C.06 Assessments.
60C.07 Plan of operation.
60C.08 Board of directors.
60C.09 Covered claims.
60C.10 Evaluation of claims.
60C.11 Effect of paid claims.
60C.12 Appeal and review.
60C.13 Exhaustion of other coverage.
60C.14 Duties and powers of the commissioner.
60C.15 Prevention of insolvencies.
60C.16 Examination of the association.
60C.17 Tax exemption.
60C.18 Recognition of assessments in rates.
60C.19 Immunity.
60C.195 Stay of proceedings.
60C.20 Unfair trade practices.
60C.21 Insolvency; notice of guaranty fund protection.
60C.22 Notice for policy or contract not covered.

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