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474A.03 Determination of annual volume cap.

Subdivision 1. Under federal tax law; allocations. At the beginning of each calendar year after December 31, 1997, the commissioner shall determine the aggregate dollar amount of the annual volume cap under federal tax law for the calendar year, and of this amount the commissioner shall make the following allocation:

(1) $63,000,000 to the small issue pool;

(2) $59,000,000 to the housing pool, $37,000,000 of which is reserved until the day after the first Monday in February for single-family housing programs;

(3) $10,500,000 to the public facilities pool; and

(4) amounts to be allocated as provided in subdivision 2a.

If the annual volume cap is greater or less than the amount of bonding authority allocated under clauses (1) to (4) and subdivision 2a, paragraph (a), clauses (1) to (4), the allocation must be adjusted so that each adjusted allocation is the same percentage of the annual volume cap as each original allocation is of the total bonding authority originally allocated.

Subd. 2. Repealed, 1986 c 465 art 1 s 32; 1987 c 268 art 16 s 45

Subd. 2a. Entitlement issuer allocation. (a) The commissioner shall make the following allocation to the Minnesota housing finance agency and the following cities and county:

(1) $53,750,000 per year to the Minnesota housing finance agency, less any amount received in the previous year under section 474A.091, subdivision 6;

(2) $21,000,000 per year to the city of Minneapolis;

(3) $15,750,000 per year to the city of Saint Paul; and

(4) $10,500,000 per year to the Dakota county housing and redevelopment authority for the county of Dakota and all political subdivisions located within the county.

(b) Allocations provided under this subdivision must be used for mortgage bonds, mortgage credit certificates, public facility bonds, or residential rental project bonds, except that entitlement issuers may also use their allocations for public facility bonds, and may carry forward their allocations for any qualified bond as defined under section 474A.02, subdivision 23a.

Subd. 3. Repealed, 1986 c 465 art 1 s 32; 1987 c 268 art 16 s 45

Subd. 4. Application fee. Every entitlement issuer and other issuer shall pay to the commissioner a nonrefundable application fee to offset the state cost of program administration. The application fee is $20 for each $100,000 of entitlement or allocation requested, with the request rounded to the nearest $100,000. The minimum fee is $20. Fees received by the commissioner must be credited to the general fund. Application fees for projects of entitlement issuers must be submitted to the commissioner with the notice of issuance of bonds, notice of use of mortgage credit certificates, and notice of carry forward.

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