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CHAPTER 41B. Rural finance authority

Table of Sections
Section Headnote
41B.01 Citation; purpose.
41B.02 Definitions.
41B.025 Rural finance authority.
41B.026 Rural finance authority.
41B.03 Borrower eligibility criteria.
41B.035 Renumbered 41B.025
41B.036 General powers of the authority.
41B.037 Homestead redemption program.
41B.038 Programs for commitments to other entities.
41B.039 Beginning farmer program.
41B.04 Loan restructuring program.
41B.042 Seller-sponsored program.
41B.043 Agricultural improvement loan program.
41B.044 Ethanol development program.
41B.045 Livestock expansion loan program.
41B.046 Value-added agricultural product loan program.
41B.047 Disaster recovery loan program.
41B.05 Renumbered 41B.036
41B.07 Rules.
41B.08 Revenue bonds; purposes, terms, approval.
41B.09 Revenue bonds; resolutions authorizing, additional terms, sale.
41B.10 Revenue bonds; optional resolution and contract provisions.
41B.11 Pledges.
41B.12 Revenue bonds; nonliability of individuals.
41B.13 Revenue bonds; purchase and cancellation by authority.
41B.14 Revenue bonds; nonliability of state.
41B.15 State pledge against impairment of contracts.
41B.16 Security account.
41B.17 Powers and duties of trustee.
41B.18 Revenue bond fund; reports.
41B.19 General obligation bonds.
41B.195 Additional use of general obligation bonds.
41B.20 Exemption from taxes.
41B.21 Certain actions.
41B.211 Data privacy.
41B.22 Construction.
41B.23 Severability; actions.

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