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327.23 Construction of terms; municipal parks.

Subdivision 1. State parks. Nothing in sections 327.10, 327.11, 327.14 to 327.28 should be construed to include any of the state parks in Minnesota.

Subd. 2. Manufactured home park. The term "manufactured home park" shall not be construed to include manufactured homes, buildings, tents or other structures temporarily maintained by any individual or company on premises associated with a work project and used exclusively to house labor or other personnel occupied in such work project. The state department of health may by rule prescribe such sanitary facilities as it may deem necessary to provide for the sanitation of such structures and the safety of the occupants thereof.

Subd. 3. Municipal parks. Any manufactured home park or recreational camping area owned or operated by any municipality or political subdivision of this state shall meet all sanitary and safety provisions of sections 327.10, 327.11, 327.14 to 327.28, shall be inspected as herein provided, pay all fees, and make all reports, as herein required of a licensee.

HIST: 1951 c 428 s 10; 1961 c 375 s 2; 1965 c 668 s 12; 1969 c 427 s 13,14; 1981 c 365 s 9; 1985 c 248 s 70; 1991 c 287 s 1

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