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Key: (1) language to be deleted (2) new language

                            CHAPTER 79-S.F.No. 1509 
                  An act relating to housing; providing certain 
                  manufactured home park exclusions; amending Minnesota 
                  Statutes 2004, section 327.23, by adding a subdivision.
           Section 1.  Minnesota Statutes 2004, section 327.23, is 
        amended by adding a subdivision to read: 
           Subd. 2a.  [SEASONAL AGRICULTURAL OPERATIONS.] The term 
        "manufactured home park" shall not be construed to include up to 
        four manufactured homes maintained by an individual or a company 
        on premises associated with a seasonal agricultural operation, 
        in an area zoned agricultural, and used exclusively to house 
        individuals or families performing labor as defined in section 
        3121(g) of the Internal Revenue Code if: 
           (1) the manufactured homes are equipped with indoor 
        plumbing facilities and meet the standards for water and 
        sanitation established in Minnesota Rules, parts 4630.0600, 
        subpart 1; 4630.0700; 4630.1200; 4630.3500; and 4715.0310; 
           (2) each manufactured home provides at least 80 square feet 
        of indoor living space for each of its inhabitants; 
           (3) the manufactured homes and their installation comply 
        with section 327.34, subdivision 1, and Minnesota Rules, chapter 
           (4) the individual or company maintaining the manufactured 
        homes, with the assistance and approval of the political 
        subdivision where the homes are located, develops and posts in 
        conspicuous locations near the homes, a shelter or safe 
        evacuation plan in the event of severe weather conditions, such 
        as tornadoes, high winds, and floods; and 
           (5) the individual or company maintains the homes in a 
        clean, orderly, and sanitary condition. 
           Sec. 2.  [EFFECTIVE DATE.] 
           Section 1 is effective the day following final enactment. 
           Presented to the governor May 20, 2005 
           Signed by the governor May 24, 2005, 2:01 p.m.

Official Publication of the State of Minnesota
Revisor of Statutes