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CHAPTER 31A. Meat inspection

Table of Sections
Section Headnote
31A.01 Policy.
31A.02 Definitions.
31A.03 Inspection of live animals; disposition of defective animals.
31A.04 Inspection of carcasses and parts; marking; disposition of condemned carcasses.
31A.05 Application of inspection provisions.
31A.06 Inspectors' duties.
31A.07 Marking or labeling of inspected articles.
31A.08 Rules.
31A.09 Nighttime inspections.
31A.10 Prohibitions.
31A.11 Forging of official marks or certificates.
31A.12 Horse meat.
31A.13 Inspectors.
31A.14 Bribery.
31A.15 Exemptions.
31A.16 Storing and handling conditions.
31A.17 Articles not intended as human food.
31A.18 Records.
31A.19 Registration of businesses.
31A.20 Dead, dying, disabled or diseased animals; rules.
31A.21 Cooperation with federal government.
31A.22 Refusal or withdrawal of inspection.
31A.23 Detention of animals or products.
31A.24 Seizure and condemnation.
31A.25 Access by inspectors.
31A.26 Violations and penalties.
31A.27 Powers of commissioner.
31A.28 Application of chapter with regard to federal act.
31A.29 Cost of administration; overtime work.
31A.30 [Repealed, 1996 c 310 s 1]
31A.31 Citation.

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