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3.971 Powers and duties of legislative auditor.

Subdivision 1. To perform financial audits the legislative auditor shall postaudit and make a complete examination and verification of all accounts, records, inventories, vouchers, receipts, funds, securities, and other assets of the University of Minnesota, all state departments, boards, commissions, and other state agencies at least once a year, if money and personnel permit, and oftener if deemed necessary or as directed by the legislature or the legislative audit commission. Audits may include detailed checking of every transaction or test checking as the legislative auditor deems best. The books of the state treasurer and commissioner of finance may be examined monthly. The legislative auditor shall see that all provisions of law respecting the appropriate and economic use of public funds are complied with by all departments and agencies of the state government.

A copy of all postaudits, reports, and results of examinations made by the legislative auditor shall be deposited with the legislative reference library.

Subd. 2. To perform program evaluation, the legislative auditor shall determine the degree to which the activities and programs entered into or funded by the state are accomplishing their goals and objectives, including a critical analysis of goals and objectives, measurement of program results and effectiveness, alternative means of achieving the same results, and efficiency in the allocation of resources. The legislative auditor shall recommend ways to reduce the cost of providing state services and to eliminate services of one agency that overlap with or duplicate the services performed by another agency. At the direction of the commission the legislative auditor may perform program evaluations of any state department, board, commission, or agency and any metropolitan agency, board, or commission created under chapter 473.

Subd. 3. The legislative auditor, on a biennial schedule, shall review agency performance reports to review and comment on the appropriateness, validity, and reliability of the outcome measures and data collection efforts. The legislative auditor shall report the findings to agencies, the governor, the speaker of the house of representatives, and the president of the senate.

Subd. 4. (a) To perform best practices reviews, the legislative auditor through the program evaluation division shall examine the procedures and practices used to deliver local government services, including municipalities and counties, determine the methods of local government service delivery, identify variations in cost and effectiveness, and identify practices to save money or provide more effective service delivery. The legislative auditor shall recommend to local governments, service delivery methods and practices to improve the cost-effectiveness of services. The legislative auditor and the board of government innovation and cooperation shall notify each other of projects being conducted relating to improving local government services.

(b) The commission shall identify local government services to be reviewed with advice from an advisory council whose membership shall consist of:

(1) three representatives from the Association of Minnesota Counties;

(2) three representatives from the League of Minnesota Cities;

(3) two representatives from the Association of Metropolitan Municipalities; and

(4) one representative from the Minnesota Association of Townships.

(c) This subdivision expires June 30, 1999.

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Official Publication of the State of Minnesota
Revisor of Statutes