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299M.01 Definitions.

Subdivision 1. Scope. For the purposes of this chapter, the following terms have the meanings given them in this section.

Subd. 2. Apprentice sprinkler fitter. "Apprentice sprinkler fitter" means a person, other than a fire protection contractor or journeyman sprinkler fitter, who is regularly engaged in learning the trade under the direct supervision of a licensed fire protection contractor or journeyman sprinkler fitter and is registered with a state or federal approval agency.

Subd. 3. Commissioner. "Commissioner" means the commissioner of public safety.

Subd. 4. Council. "Council" means the Minnesota advisory council on fire protection systems.

Subd. 5. Department. "Department" means the department of public safety.

Subd. 6. Fire protection contractor. "Fire protection contractor" means a person who contracts to sell, design, install, modify, alter, or inspect a fire protection system or its parts or related equipment.

Subd. 7. Fire protection system. "Fire protection system" means a sprinkler, standpipe, hose system, or other special hazard system for fire protection purposes only, that is composed of an integrated system of underground and overhead piping connected to a potable water source. "Fire protection system" does not include the water service piping to a city water main, or piping used for potable water purposes, or piping used for heating or cooling purposes. Openings from potable water piping for fire protection systems must be made by persons properly licensed under section 326.40. Persons properly licensed under section 326.40 may also sell, design, install, modify or inspect a standpipe, hose system only.

Subd. 8. Journeyman sprinkler fitter. "Journeyman sprinkler fitter" means a person who is certified as competent to engage in installing, connecting, altering, repairing, or adding to a fire protection system for and under the supervision of a fire protection contractor.

Subd. 9. Municipality. "Municipality" means a town or statutory or home rule charter city.

HIST: 1992 c 508 s 1