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CHAPTER 28A. Licensing food handlers

Table of Sections
Section Headnote
28A.01 Citation, Minnesota consolidated food licensing law.
28A.02 Declaration of policy.
28A.03 Definitions.
28A.04 License required; custom processing permit applications; renewals.
28A.05 Classification.
28A.06 Extent of license.
28A.065 License requirements for a carnival, circus, or fair.
28A.07 Issuance of license.
28A.075 Delegation to local board of health.
28A.08 License fees; penalties.
28A.085 Reinspection fees.
28A.09 Inspection fees for vending machines.
28A.10 Posting of license; rules.
28A.11 Adjustments.
28A.12 Violations.
28A.13 Power to suspend or revoke licenses.
28A.14 Transfer of business.
28A.15 Exclusions.
28A.16 Persons selling liquor.
28A.17 License renewal.
28A.20 Food safety advisory committee.

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Revisor of Statutes