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256J.55 Participant requirements, rights, and expectations.

Subdivision 1. Compliance with job search or employment plan; suitable employment. (a) Each MFIP-S participant must comply with the terms of the participant's job search support plan or employment plan. When the participant has completed the steps listed in the employment plan, the participant must comply with section 256J.53, subdivision 5, if applicable, and then the participant must not refuse any offer of suitable employment. The participant may choose to accept an offer of suitable employment before the participant has completed the steps of the employment plan.

(b) For a participant under the age of 20 who is without a high school diploma or general educational development diploma, the requirement to comply with the terms of the employment plan means the participant must meet the requirements of section 256J.54.

(c) Failure to develop or comply with a job search support plan or an employment plan, or quitting suitable employment without good cause, shall result in the imposition of a sanction as specified in sections 256J.46 and 256J.57.

Subd. 2. Duty to report. The participant must inform the job counselor within three working days regarding any changes related to the participant's employment status.

Subd. 3. Move to a different county. MFIP-S applicants or recipients who move to a different county in Minnesota and are required to participate in employment and training services are subject to the requirements of the destination county. An employment plan that was developed in the county of origin may be continued in the destination county if both the destination county and the participant agree to do so.

Subd. 4. Choice of provider. A participant must be able to choose from at least two employment and training service providers, unless the county has demonstrated to the commissioner that the provision of multiple employment and training service providers would result in financial hardship for the county, or the county is utilizing a workforce center as specified in section 256J.50, subdivision 8.

Subd. 5. Option to utilize existing plan. With job counselor approval, if a participant is already complying with a job search support or employment plan that was developed for a different program, the participant may utilize that plan and that program's services, subject to the requirements of subdivision 3, to be in compliance with sections 256J.52 to 256J.57 so long as the plan meets, or is modified to meet, the requirements of those sections.

HIST: 1997 c 85 art 1 s 46

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Revisor of Statutes