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256J.43 Interstate payment standards.

(a) Effective July 1, 1997, the amount of assistance paid to an eligible family in which all members have resided in this state for fewer than 12 consecutive calendar months immediately preceding the date of application shall be the lesser of either the payment standard that would have been received by the family from the state of immediate prior residence, or the amount calculated in accordance with AFDC or MFIP-S standards. The lesser payment must continue until the family meets the 12-month requirement. Payment must be calculated by applying this state's budgeting policies, and the unit's net income must be deducted from the payment standard in the other state or in this state, whichever is lower. Payment shall be made in vendor form for rent and utilities, up to the limit of the grant amount, and residual amounts, if any, shall be paid directly to the assistance unit.

(b) During the first 12 months a family resides in this state, the number of months that a family is eligible to receive AFDC or MFIP-S benefits is limited to the number of months the family would have been eligible to receive similar benefits in the state of immediate prior residence.

(c) This policy applies whether or not the family received similar benefits while residing in the state of previous residence.

(d) When a family moves to this state from another state where the family has exhausted that state's time limit for receiving benefits under that state's TANF program, the family will not be eligible to receive any AFDC or MFIP-S benefits in this state for 12 months from the date the family moves here.

(e) For the purposes of this section, "state of immediate prior residence" means:

(1) the state in which the applicant declares the applicant spent the most time in the 30 days prior to moving to this state; or

(2) the state in which an applicant who is a migrant worker maintains a home.

(f) The commissioner shall annually verify and update all other states' payment standards as they are to be in effect in July of each year.

(g) Applicants must provide verification of their state of immediate prior residence, in the form of tax statements, a driver's license, automobile registration, rent receipts, or other forms of verification approved by the commissioner.

(h) Migrant workers, as defined in section 256J.08, and their immediate families are exempt from this section, provided the migrant worker provides verification that the migrant family worked in this state within the last 12 months and earned at least $1,000 in gross wages during the time the migrant worker worked in this state.

HIST: 1997 c 85 art 1 s 33; 1997 c 203 art 12 s 13