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201.071 Registration cards.

Subdivision 1. Form. A registration card must be of suitable size and weight for mailing and contain spaces for the following required information: voter's first name, middle name, and last name; voter's previous name, if any; voter's current address; voter's previous address, if any; voter's date of birth; voter's municipality and county of residence; voter's telephone number, if provided by the voter; date of registration; and voter's signature. The card must also contain a certification of voter eligibility.

The form of the voter registration card and the certification of voter eligibility must be as provided in the rules of the secretary of state. Voter registration forms authorized by the National Voter Registration Act may also be accepted as valid.

Subd. 2. Instructions. A registration card shall be accompanied by instructions specifying the manner and method of registration, the qualifications for voting, the penalties for false registration, and the availability of registration and voting assistance for elderly and handicapped individuals and residents of health care facilities and hospitals. If, prior to election day, a person requests the instructions in Braille, on cassette tape, or in a version printed in 16-point bold type with heavy leading, the county auditor shall provide them in the form requested. The secretary of state shall prepare Braille and cassette copies and make them available.

Subd. 3. Deficient registration. No registration is deficient if it contains the voter's name, address, date of birth, prior registration if any and signature. The absence of a zip code number does not cause the registration to be deficient. The election judges shall request an individual to correct a registration card if it is deficient or illegible or if the name or number of the voter's school district is missing or obviously incorrect. No eligible voter may be prevented from voting unless the voter's registration card is deficient or the voter is duly and successfully challenged in accordance with section 201.195 or 204C.12.

A registration card accepted prior to August 1, 1983, is not deficient for lack of date of birth. The county or municipality may attempt to obtain the date of birth for a registration card accepted prior to August 1, 1983, by a request to the voter at any time except at the polling place. Failure by the voter to comply with this request does not make the registration deficient.

Subd. 4. Change of registration. Any county auditor who receives a registration card indicating that an individual was previously registered in a different county in Minnesota shall notify the county auditor of that county electronically through the statewide registration system in the manner prescribed in the rules of the secretary of state. A county auditor receiving a registration card indicating that a voter was previously registered in a different precinct in the same county or receiving a notification as provided in this subdivision shall remove that individual's voter registration card from the files. Any county auditor who receives a registration card or notification requiring a change of registration records under this subdivision as a result of an election day registration shall also check the statewide registration system to determine whether the individual voted in more than one precinct in the most recent election.

Subd. 5. Repealed, 1990 c 585 s 34

Subd. 6. Repealed, 1990 c 585 s 34

Subd. 7. Repealed, 1983 c 124 s 6

Subd. 8. School district assistance. School districts shall assist county auditors in determining the school district in which a voter resides.

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