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CHAPTER 18D. Chemical liability

Table of Sections
Section Headnote
18D.01 Definitions.
18D.101 Liability for application.
18D.103 Report of incidents required.
18D.105 Corrective action orders.
18D.1051 Response to agricultural chemical incidents.
18D.1052 Land application of agricultural chemical contaminated soil and other media.
18D.111 Liability for costs.
18D.115 Apportionment of liability and contribution.
18D.201 Inspection, sampling, analysis.
18D.301 Enforcement.
18D.305 Administrative action.
18D.311 Damages against state for administrative action without cause.
18D.315 Administrative penalties.
18D.321 Appeal of commissioner's orders.
18D.323 Crediting of penalties, fees, and costs.
18D.325 Civil penalties.
18D.331 Criminal penalties.

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