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CHAPTER 17B. Grain inspection

Table of Sections
Section Headnote
17B.01 Citation.
17B.02 Definitions.
17B.03 Grain weighing, sampling, analysis; laboratory evaluation.
17B.04 State inspection and weighing.
17B.041 Commissioner to review accuracy of test equipment and test equipment operators.
17B.0451 Grain quality; premiums; discounts.
17B.048 Loads may be averaged.
17B.05 Disputes on grades, dockage; state arbitration.
17B.06 Board of grain standards.
17B.07 Official title of board; meetings.
17B.08 [Repealed, 1979 c 68 s 6]
17B.09 [Repealed, 1979 c 68 s 6]
17B.10 Standard samples.
17B.11 Duty of inspectors.
17B.12 Appeals; procedure.
17B.13 Weighers, restrictions, bonding.
17B.14 Records and certificates.
17B.15 Fees for inspection and weighing; dedicated account.
17B.16 Qualifications.
17B.17 Removal of employee.
17B.18 Obstructing weigher.
17B.19 [Repealed, 1975 c 227 s 10]
17B.20 Breaking of seals; penalty; examination of cars.
17B.21 Bonds, suits thereon.
17B.22 Employee; misconduct; personation.
17B.23 Alfalfa, sweet clover, red clover, and grass seeds.
17B.24 Grading and inspection.
17B.25 Fees.
17B.26 Salaries and expenses.
17B.27 Fumigating grain to change color; penalty.
17B.28 Powers and duties of the commissioner.
17B.29 Penalties.

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