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148.171 Definitions.

Sections 148.171 to 148.285 shall be referred to as the Minnesota nurse practice act.

As used in sections 148.171 to 148.285:

(1) "Board" means the Minnesota board of nursing.

(2) "Registered nurse," abbreviated R.N., means an individual licensed by the board to practice professional nursing.

(3) The practice of professional nursing means the performance for compensation or personal profit of the professional interpersonal service of: (a) providing a nursing assessment of the actual or potential health needs of individuals, families, or communities; (b) providing nursing care supportive to or restorative of life by functions such as skilled ministration of nursing care, supervising and teaching nursing personnel, health teaching and counseling, case finding, and referral to other health resources; and (c) evaluating these actions.

The practice of professional nursing includes both independent nursing functions and delegated medical functions which may be performed in collaboration with other health team members, or may be delegated by the professional nurse to other nursing personnel. Independent nursing function may also be performed autonomously. The practice of professional nursing requires that level of special education, knowledge, and skill ordinarily expected of an individual who has completed an approved professional nursing education program as described in section 148.211, subdivision 1.

(4) "Licensed practical nurse," abbreviated L.P.N., means an individual licensed by the board to practice practical nursing.

(5) The practice of practical nursing means the performance for compensation or personal profit of any of those services in observing and caring for the ill, injured, or infirm, in applying counsel and procedure to safeguard life and health, in administering medication and treatment prescribed by a licensed health professional, which are commonly performed by licensed practical nurses and which require specialized knowledge and skill such as are taught or acquired in an approved school of practical nursing, but which do not require the specialized education, knowledge, and skill of a registered nurse.

(6) "Nurse" means registered nurse and licensed practical nurse unless the context clearly refers to only one category.

(7) "Nursing assistant" means an individual providing nursing or nursing-related services that do not require the specialized knowledge and skill of a nurse, at the direction of a nurse, but does not include a licensed health professional or an individual who volunteers to provide such services without monetary compensation.

(8) "Public health nurse" means a registered nurse who meets the voluntary registration requirements established by the board by rule.

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