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Office of the Revisor of Statutes

Minnesota Statutes is a compilation of the general and permanent laws of the state. Read more...
Statutes for prior years are also available.

Table of Chapters

List of Statute Chapters by Part
Chapters Title
1 Of the Boundaries, Jurisdiction, and Sovereignty of the State
2 Of the Civil Divisions of the State
3 Of the Statutes, Their Construction and Repeal, and of the Printing and Distribution of the Laws
4 Of Elections Other Than for Town Officers
5 Of the Legislature
6 Of State Officers, Their Duties and Salaries
7 Of Notaries Public
8 Of Resignations, Vacancies, and Removals
9 Of Official Trusts
10 Of Official Seals
11 Of Counties and County Officers
12 Of Township Organization and the Incorporation of Cities and of Town Plats
13 Of the Assessment and Collection of Taxes
14 Of the Public Lands
15 Of Public Instruction
16 Of Reformatory and Charitable Institutions
17 Of Corporations
18 Of Insurance
19 Of Banks and Banking
20 Of Limited Partnership
21 Of Roads, Cartways, and Bridges
22 Of the Establishment and Regulation of Ferries
23 Of the Militia and State Arms
24 Of Dams and Mills
25 Of Logs and Lumber
26 Of Partition Fences
27 Of Estrays, Unclaimed Property, and Beasts Doing Damage
28 Of the Internal Police of the State
29 Of the Public Health
30 Of Weights and Measures
31 Of the Collection of Statistics
32 Of Real Property
33 Of Title by Descent
34 Of Deeds, Mortgages, and Other Conveyances
35 Of Wills and the Administration of Estates
36 Of Frauds
37 Of the Domestic Relations
38 Of Personal Property
39 Of Courts of General Jurisdiction
40 Of Courts of Special Jurisdiction
41 Of Civil Actions
42 Of Special Remedies by Attachment, Replevin, and Garnishment
43 Of Actions Relating to Real Property
44 Of Actions in Special Cases
45 Of Special Proceedings
46 Of Arbitrators
47 Of Proceedings for Contempt
48 Of Liens
49 Of Oaths and Acknowledgments
50 Of Attorneys and Counsellors
51 Of Costs
52 Of Fees
53 Of the Rights of Persons Accused of Crime
54 Of Crimes and Their Punishment
55 Of Proceedings in Criminal Cases
56 Of Jails and Prisons
5-1 Of Curative and Legalizing Acts
5-2 Of Acts and Sections of Acts Expressly Repealed
6-1 Miscellaneous and Unclassified Acts