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Subpart 1.

Resolution and certification.

Route designations for county state-aid highways (CSAH) and municipal state-aid streets (MSAS) must be selected by the respective boards of county commissioners or governing bodies of urban municipalities. The highway or street selections must be reviewed by the district state-aid engineer of that area and the engineer's recommendation must be filed with the commissioner. Upon preliminary approval of the commissioner, the respective boards or governing bodies shall establish the route by designation. For MSAS routes to be designated on county roadways, the designation must be approved in the form of a resolution by the county board and the resolution filed with the commissioner. After receipt of each board action requesting designation, the commissioner shall approve all or part of the highway or street designations that comply with the criteria set out in this chapter. The commissioner shall certify to the respective boards of county commissioners or governing bodies of urban municipalities the approved portion of the highway or street designation. Highways or streets so approved become a part of the CSAH system or the MSAS system, subject to additions or revisions as may be, from time to time, requested and approved.

Subp. 1a.

Route revisions.

Route revisions must be completed in accordance with subpart 1, except that revisions may be made on the basis of a construction plan, approved by a state-aid engineer, without action of the respective governing body if the designated route is relocated and the function of the designated route at the previous location is transferred to the new location.

Subp. 2.

Turnback designations.

With regard to turnback designations, prior to release of a trunk highway to the jurisdiction of a county or urban municipality, the commissioner shall notify the board of county commissioners or the governing body of the urban municipality through its county highway or city engineer, which portions of the turnback are eligible for designation as part of its state-aid system and which portions are eligible for restoration or reconstruction and improvement with turnback funds. Upon a request for the designation of eligible portions of the turnback from the board of county commissioners or the governing body of the urban municipality, the commissioner shall issue the official order for designation and notify the county or municipal screening board of this action.

Subp. 3.

Payback on revoked state-aid routes.

If a local unit of government revokes a state-aid route for which state-aid construction money has been spent, the district state-aid engineer shall determine the remaining life of the project and compute the value of the items that were financed with state-aid money. This computed value must be subtracted from the next state-aid contract let by the local unit of government. For this determination, (1) the life of a construction and reconstruction project is 25 years, (2) the life of a bridge project is 35 years, and (3) the life of a surfacing or reconditioning project is ten years.

Statutory Authority:

MS s 14.386; 161.082; 161.083; 162.02; 162.09; 162.155; L 1983 c 17


8 SR 2146; 15 SR 2596; 20 SR 1041; 23 SR 1455; 29 SR 449; 42 SR 485

Published Electronically:

November 20, 2017