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8220.0350 APPLICATION.

An application by a vendor pursuant to Minnesota Statutes, section 206.57, for examination of an electronic voting system must be accompanied by the following:


a signed agreement that the vendor will pay all costs incurred by the secretary of state, the vendor, and any designees of the secretary of state in accomplishing the examination;


complete specifications of all hardware, firmware, and software;


all technical manuals and documentation related to the system;


complete instructional materials necessary for the operation of the equipment by election jurisdictions and a description of any training available to users and purchasers;


a list of all state election authorities that have tested and approved the system for use;


a list of all election jurisdictions where the system has been used for elections;


a description of any support services offered by the vendor and of all peripheral equipment that can be used in conjunction with the system;


recommended procedures for use of the system at Minnesota elections including procedures necessary to protect the integrity of the election;


specifications for materials and supplies required to be used with the system;


specifications for stickers for write-in votes that can be used with the system;


explanation of the level of technical expertise required to program or prepare the system for use at an election; and


certification by an independent testing authority approved by the secretary of state of conformance to standards for voting equipment issued by the Federal Election Commission.

The vendor may submit additional material including test reports and evaluations by other states, election jurisdictions, and independent testing agencies. The secretary of state shall make a preliminary review of the application. If the secretary of state determines from the preliminary review that the system obviously does not meet provisions of Minnesota election laws, the vendor may withdraw the application.

Statutory Authority:

MS s 206.57; 206.81; 206.82


10 SR 1690; 23 SR 459; 25 SR 616

Published Electronically:

May 25, 2010

Official Publication of the State of Minnesota
Revisor of Statutes