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Subpart 1.


No inspection fee shall be charged for dams owned or sponsored by a governmental agency or for any Class III dam for which the design, construction supervision, and inspection is provided by a federal agency.

Subp. 2.

Fee schedule.

The initial fee required by part 6115.0410, subpart 6, shall be based on the following formula and no fees pursuant to parts 6115.0010 to 6115.0040 shall be charged:


for the first $100,000 of estimated cost (as defined in part 6115.0320, that portion of engineering evaluations and studies relating to safety which is also part of the final design report performed for the applicant which were included with environmental assessment worksheets and with environmental impact statements required by law shall be subtracted provided that the applicant provides a notarized detailed accounting of expenditures), a rate of 2-1/2 percent;


for the next $400,000, 1-1/2 percent;


for the next $500,000, one percent;


one-half of one percent of all costs in excess of $1,000,000; and


if the final total cost exceeds the estimate, the difference as provided in part 6115.0410, subpart 11.

For dams which will not be constructed to maximum storage elevation within five years of the date construction begins (such as dams for storage of mining waste materials) computation will be based on applicant's work schedule outlining proposed staging and a certified estimate of costs based on staging and a certified estimate of costs based on staging intervals not exceeding five years in duration. At the end of each stage, or at intervals not exceeding five years in duration, until completion, the applicant shall file an affidavit of actual costs for each stage or interval not exceeding five years. Whenever the actual costs exceeds the estimate the applicant shall pay the difference.

Subp. 3.

Periodic fees.

Periodic fees shall be charged to owners for each year and inspection is made pursuant to part 6115.0360, subpart 3, of $30 per dam plus an additional fee based on surface (as defined in part 6115.0320) of $0.01 per square foot for the first 1,000 and $0.001 for each square foot in excess of 1,000, payable on or before the end of the state fiscal year, June 30.

Subp. 4.

Annual records.

The commissioner shall keep annual records of inspection costs which shall be provided upon request of any applicant who paid inspection fees.

Statutory Authority:

MS s 105.535

Published Electronically:

October 8, 2013