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Subpart 1.

In general.

This schedule is established pursuant to Minnesota Statutes, section 103I.681, subdivision 11. It provides for payment of permit application fees and additional fees for processing and analyzing the application, and issuing the permit. It also includes fees for the inspection and monitoring of activities authorized by the permit.

Subp. 2.

Permit application fee.

A permit application fee of $30, check or money order, payable to the commissioner of management and budget, shall accompany each permit application for underground storage of gas or liquid.

If the fee does not accompany the application, the applicant will be so notified, and there will be no further action taken on the application until the fee is submitted.

Subp. 3.

Additional fees.

The applicant or permittee shall pay the actual costs of field inspection and monitoring as follows.


When a field inspection is conducted, the costs charged will be the sum of: salaries (inspection time of state employees multiplied by actual hourly rates); transportation to and from inspection site, based on current state Department of Administration rates; fair rental for any special equipment and supplies; and inspection and consultant services contracted for by the state.


When the commissioner determines that a permitted activity requires monitoring of water or related land resources, the permit shall specify the procedures and scope of such monitoring. Actual costs of the monitoring, whether conducted by state personnel or by consultants hired by the state, shall be paid by the permittee in accordance with procedures in the permit.

When the commissioner determines after the permit is issued that there is a need for monitoring, the commissioner shall notify the permittee in writing of the nature of and reasons for the monitoring, and after opportunity for hearing, shall modify the permit accordingly. The actual costs of monitoring shall be paid by the permittee.

The commissioner may allow the permittee to provide monitoring services, or employ a consultant for that purpose, subject to the right of the commissioner to charge for state costs related to private monitoring, including the costs of periodically monitoring the monitor.

Subp. 4.

Refund of fees.

The permit application fee for a permit application shall not be refunded for any reason, even if the application is denied or withdrawn.

Subp. 5.

Billing and payment of fees.

The commissioner shall submit an itemized bill to the applicant or permittee for all additional fees. Fees are payable within 30 days of receipt; failure to pay is grounds for suspending the permit or for taking other legal actions as required. In the case of an applicant, a permit shall not be issued until all fees owed have been paid.

Statutory Authority:

MS s 105.44; 103G.301; 103G.315


10 SR 236; L 2003 c 112 art 2 s 50; L 2009 c 101 art 2 s 109

Published Electronically:

August 7, 2009