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A medical cannabis manufacturer must maintain for at least five years complete, legible, and current records, including:


the date of each sale or distribution;


the registration number of all patients;


the item number, product name and description, and quantity of medical cannabis sold or otherwise distributed;


records of sale prices of medical cannabis to patients;


the quantity and form of medical cannabis maintained by the manufacturer at the manufacturing facility on a daily basis; and


the amount of plants being grown at the manufacturing facility on a daily basis.


A medical cannabis manufacturer must maintain records that reflect all financial transactions and the financial condition of the business. The following records must be maintained for at least five years and made available for review, upon request of the commissioner:


purchase invoices, bills of lading, transport manifests, sales records, copies of bills of sale, and any supporting documents, to include the items or services purchased, from whom the items were purchased, and the date of purchase;


bank statements and canceled checks for all business accounts;


accounting and tax records;


records of all financial transactions, including contracts and agreements for services performed or services received;


all personnel records;


crop inputs applied to the growing medium, plants, or plant material used in production;


production records;


transportation records;


inventory records;


records of all samples sent to a testing laboratory and the quality assurance test results; and


records of any theft, loss, or other unaccountability of any medical cannabis or plant material.

Statutory Authority:

MS s 14.389; 152.25; 152.26


39 SR 1080

Published Electronically:

February 20, 2015