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4732.0330 RECORDS.

Subpart 1.


A facility required to register with the commissioner must maintain records according to this chapter. If there is a conflict between this chapter and other required retention periods for the same type of record, the longest retention period specified takes precedence.


Each registrant must maintain records showing the receipt, transfer, and disposal of all radiation-producing equipment.


Records of individual monitoring, radiation monitoring, radiation surveys, calibrations, and equipment performance measurements for radiation-producing equipment must be kept according to this part.


These records must be available at the time of inspection by the commissioner.


At all times, the registrant is responsible for record retention required by this chapter. If the registrant ceases operation for any reason, provisions must be made for record retention required by this chapter.

Subp. 2.

Format and safeguarding records.


A record required under this chapter must be legible throughout the specified retention period. The record can be:


the original;


a reproduced copy;


a microfilm, if the microfilm is capable of producing a legible copy; or


stored in electronic media with the capability for producing a legible copy.


Records such as letters, drawings, and specifications, must include all pertinent information.


Registrants must maintain adequate safeguards against tampering with and loss of records.

Subp. 3.

Reporting units.

As appropriate, a registrant must use the units of rad, roentgen, or rem or the international systems of units (SI), including the multiples and subdivisions. The registrant must clearly indicate the units on all records required by this chapter.

Subp. 4.

Retention schedule for records.

The registrant must ensure that, when applicable, the records are retained in the facility until the inspection by the commissioner. The following records specified in this subpart must be maintained:


quality control test result records that include documentation of:


the evaluation of the processor quality control tests; except that current processing quality control films need to be kept for 60 current days;


the evaluation and associated films of the fog tests;


the evaluation and associated films of the integrity tests of the personal protective garments;


the evaluation and associated films for the speed match and contact tests for cassettes;


equipment performance evaluations complete with all numerical values and films as appropriate;


calibrations performed at the time of installation; and


all corrective actions and results of verification tests;


employee training documentation including training content, dates, and attendees;


individual monitoring dosimetry results kept according to part 4732.0440;


registration information;


manufacturer's specifications on any new radiation-producing equipment;


shielding plans and associated radiation verification surveys;


utilization logs, where applicable;


results of radiological program audits;


records of fluoroscopic on time for durations over five minutes;


job site records for radiography;


calibration records for instruments, survey meters, and electronic devices; and


current copies of the physician assistant's physician-physician assistant agreement recognized by the Minnesota Board of Medical Practice, or the written agreement with the supervising physician for either the registered radiologic assistant or radiologic practitioner assistant.

Statutory Authority:

MS s 144.12


32 SR 777

Published Electronically:

December 10, 2007

Official Publication of the State of Minnesota
Revisor of Statutes