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4606.3308 CONTRACTS.

Subpart 1.


The commissioner may, upon receipt of an application described in this section, contract with any institution or reporting entity in compliance with part 4606.3304 for the following purposes:


providing more efficient, expedient, and complete cancer registry and reporting systems for those required to report under part 4606.3303;


extending the capability and efficiency of the commissioner to meet the mandate established under Minnesota Statutes, sections 144.671 to 144.69; and


maintaining and validating the quality, accuracy, and completeness of cancer case data.

Subp. 2.

Notice of availability of funds.

The commissioner shall publish and distribute a notice of availability of funds and request for contract proposals to all hospitals, medical laboratories, tumor registries, and medical clinics required to report under part 4606.3303.

Subp. 3.

Content of application.

Applications made under this section shall address all of the following information requirements, including:


Full corporate or company name, address, and tax identification number of applicant institution, or in the case of multiple institutions, the full corporate or company name, address, and tax identification number of the principal applicant institution, and the full corporate or company names and addresses of other institutions participating in the application.


A description of the individual components of the reporting systems to be provided by the applicant. The quality assurance standards in part 4606.3305 shall be incorporated into all applications. For each component to be provided, the application must describe, but not be limited to:


the specific objectives to be achieved during the funding period;


the methods by which each objective will be achieved;


the institutions to be involved in the registry or reporting system;


criteria to be used to evaluate achievement of objectives;


budget and budget justification; and


a summary of the training and experience relevant to the components to be provided by the key personnel.


Assurance that services will be provided in accordance with state and federal laws and rules.


Assurance that the privacy of all data will be maintained in accordance with law and acceptable medical practice.

Subp. 4.


Priority will be given to applications proposing to provide cancer reporting systems addressing one or more of the following criteria:


the highest quality and completeness of data;


services to the greatest number of persons;


services to the largest geographic area; and


demonstrated capacity to perform on the proposal.

Statutory Authority:

MS s 144.05; 144.671 to 144.69


13 SR 528

Published Electronically:

May 12, 1997