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The board is authorized to utilize the executive director, staff, board members, or a consultant of the Minnesota Board of Veterinary Medicine (MBVM) to assist the board in complaint resolution.


Any of the acts in Minnesota Statutes, section 148.10, that may reasonably be applied to animal patients are considered unprofessional conduct and constitute grounds for disciplinary action. The acts in subitems (1) to (8) shall also be considered unprofessional conduct and constitute grounds for disciplinary action under Minnesota Statutes, section 148.10:


asserting or implying in a public manner material claims of professional superiority in the practice of animal chiropractic that cannot be substantiated;


practicing animal chiropractic under an expired, terminated, suspended, or revoked chiropractic license or animal chiropractic registration;


promoting, aiding, abetting, or permitting the practice of veterinary medicine or animal chiropractic by an unlicensed or unregistered person, except as otherwise permitted by Minnesota Statutes, section 156.12, subdivision 2;


prescribing, ordering, suggesting, dispensing, administering, delivering, using, misusing, or in any other manner making available to an owner or any other person, any controlled drug listed in Minnesota Statutes, chapter 152, or the federal Controlled Substances Act;


performing surgery;


refusing the board or its designated agent, at reasonable hours, the right to inspect a facility in which animal chiropractic is performed, pursuant to an investigation by or on behalf of the board;


failing to report to law enforcement or humane officers inhumane treatment of animals, including staged animal fights or training for fights, of which the animal chiropractor has direct knowledge or has information or belief that such activity has occurred; and


failure to report to the board any action taken in another jurisdiction against the veterinarian's authorization to practice chiropractic care on animals. If the registrant is also a licensed veterinarian in this and any other jurisdiction, the registrant is required to report any action against the registrant's license in the other jurisdiction.

Statutory Authority:

MS s 148.08


34 SR 1455

Published Electronically:

August 24, 2011

Official Publication of the State of Minnesota
Revisor of Statutes