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Subpart 1.

Section 2200.


This section applies to the wind loads for the main wind force-resisting systems only.


In order to utilize wind loads from this part, the building shall meet the following requirements:


60 feet or less in height;


height not to exceed least horizontal dimension;


enclosed building;


roof shape - flat, gabled, or hip;


roof slope of 45 degrees maximum;


simple diaphragm building;


not a flexible building;


regular shape and approximately symmetrical;


no expansion joints or separations; and


no unusual response characteristics (for example: vortex shedding, galloping, or buffeting).

Subp. 2.

Simplified design wind pressures.

Ps represents the net pressures (sum of internal and external) to be applied to the horizontal and vertical projections of building surfaces. For the horizontal pressures, Ps is the combination of the windward and leeward net pressures. Ps may be determined from Equation Palt.

Ps = Kzt (V2ult x V2ult/115 x 115)Palt(Equation Palt)


Kzt = Topographic factor as defined in Chapter 26 of ASCE 7.

Palt = Alternative simplified design wind pressure from Table Palt.

Horizontal and Vertical Pressure*
Exp B 25 psf
Exp C 30 psf
Exp D 35 psf

*For vertical pressure, the above values are negative (upward).

Overhang Vertical Pressure*
Exp B -40 psf
Exp C -48 psf
Exp D -56 psf

*Negative values are upward.

Statutory Authority:

MS s 16B.59; 16B.61; 16B.64; 326B.02; 326B.101; 326B.106; 326B.13


32 SR 10; L 2007 c 140 art 4 s 61; art 13 s 4; 39 SR 91

Published Electronically:

January 23, 2015