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Key: (1) language to be deleted (2) new language

                             CHAPTER 57-H.F.No. 419 
                  An act relating to human services; changing child care 
                  licensing provisions; amending Minnesota Statutes 
                  2002, section 245A.14, subdivision 8. 
           Section 1.  Minnesota Statutes 2002, section 245A.14, 
        subdivision 8, is amended to read: 
           Subd. 8.  [EXPERIENCED AIDES; CHILD CARE CENTERS.] (a) An 
        individual employed as an aide at a child care center may work 
        with children without being directly supervised for up to an 
        amount of time that does not exceed 25 percent of the 
        individual's child care center's daily work shift hours if: 
           (1) a teacher is in the building facility; 
           (2) the individual has received first aid training within 
        the last three years and CPR training within the last two years; 
           (3) the individual is at least 20 years old; and 
           (4) the individual has at least 4,160 hours of child care 
        experience as defined in section 245A.02, subdivision 6b a staff 
        member in a licensed child care center or as the license holder 
        of a family day care home, 120 days of which must be in the 
        employment of the current company. 
           (b) The use of an experienced aide working without direct 
        supervision under paragraph (a) is limited to 25 percent of each 
        classroom's daily hours of operation. 
           (c) A child care center that uses experienced aides under 
        this subdivision must notify the commissioner once per year.  
        The notification must indicate the approximate number of hours 
        per classroom per month that this subdivision is used.  Upon 
        enrollment and once each year, child care centers must report to 
        notify parents or guardians if they use experienced aides under 
        this subdivision. 
           (d) This subdivision sunsets June 30, 2003. by posting the 
        notification in each classroom that uses experienced aides, 
        identifying which staff member is the experienced aide.  Records 
        of experienced aide usage must be kept on-site and given to the 
        commissioner upon request.  
           (c) A child care center may not use the experienced aide 
        provision for one year following two determined experienced aide 
        violations within a one-year period.  
           (d) A child care center may use one experienced aide per 
        every four full-time child care classroom staff. 
           Presented to the governor May 15, 2003 
           Signed by the governor May 19, 2003, 11:25 a.m.

Official Publication of the State of Minnesota
Revisor of Statutes