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Rule 3.Definitions

Subdivision 1. Custodian.

The custodian is the person responsible for the safekeeping of any records held by any court, court administrator, or clerk of court. In the absence of the person usually responsible, the person who is temporarily responsible for the records is the custodian. For purposes of remote and bulk electronic access under Rule 8, the state court administrator shall be the custodian for case records that are maintained in computer systems administered by the state court administrator.

Subd. 2.Judge.

"Judge" means any justice, judge, judicial officer, referee, magistrate, court-appointed arbitrator or other person exercising adjudicatory powers.

Subd. 3.Court.

"Court" means the Supreme Court, the Court of Appeals, District Court, and any other court established as part of the judicial branch of the state.

Subd. 4.Court Administrator.

"Court administrator" means a person employed or appointed for the purpose of administering the operations of any court or court system, including the clerk of the appellate courts, state court administrator, judicial district administrator, and court administrator of district court.

Subd. 5.Records.

"Records" means any recorded information that is collected, created, received, maintained, or disseminated by a court or court administrator, regardless of physical form or method of storage. A "record" does not necessarily constitute an entire file, as a file may contain several "records." Court reporters' notes shall be available to the court for the preparation of a transcript.

(a)Case Records.

"Case records" means all records of a particular case or controversy.

(b)Administrative Records.

"Administrative records" means all records pertaining to the administration of the courts or court systems.

(c)Vital Statistics Records.

"Vital statistics records" means all certificates or reports of birth, death, fetal death, induced abortion, marriage, dissolution and annulment, and related records.

(Amended effective July 1, 2005.)