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Rules of Board on Judicial Standards

Rule 12.Costs

(a)Witness Fees.

(1) All witnesses shall receive fees and expenses to the same extent allowable in an ordinary civil action.

(2) Expenses of witnesses shall be borne by the party calling them, unless:

(i) Physical or mental disability of the judge is in issue, in which case the board shall reimburse the judge for the reasonable expenses of the witnesses whose testimony is related to the disability; or

(ii) The judge is exonerated of the charges, in which case the Supreme Court may determine that the imposition of costs and expert witness fees would work a financial hardship or injustice and shall then order that those fees be reimbursed.

(b)Transcript Cost.

A transcript of all proceedings shall be provided to the judge without cost.

(c)Other Costs.

All other costs of these proceedings shall be at public expense.

(Amended effective January 1, 1996.)