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Minnesota Rules of Adoption Procedure

Rule 32.Minnesota Fathers' Adoption Registry

32.01Requirement to Search Minnesota Fathers' Adoption Registry Before Adoption Petition Granted; Proof of Search

Subdivision 1.Requirement to Search Registry.

Except for intercountry adoptions, an adoption petition for a child born on or after January 1, 1998, shall not be granted unless the Minnesota Fathers' Adoption Registry has been searched to determine whether a putative father is registered in relation to the child who is the subject of the adoption petition. The search shall be conducted no sooner than thirty-one (31) days following the birth of the child.

Subd. 2.Proof of Search.

A search of the registry may be proven by the production of a certified copy of the registration form or by a certified statement of the Commissioner of Health that after a search no registration of a putative father in relation to a child who is or may be the subject of an adoption petition could be located. Certification that the Minnesota Fathers' Adoption Registry has been searched shall be filed with the court prior to entry of any final adoption decree. The filing of a certified copy of the order from a juvenile protection matter containing a finding that certification of the requisite search of the Minnesota Fathers' Adoption Registry was filed with the court in that matter shall constitute proof of search.

2004 Advisory Committee Comment

For children born before January 1, 1998, the Advisory Committee recommends that the best practice is for the petitioner to include with the petition a confirmation from the Department of Health that no one has filed a notice of intent to retain parental rights.

32.02Fees for Minnesota Fathers' Adoption Registry

Pursuant to Minnesota Statutes, section 259.52, subdivision 14, in addition to any other filing fees, the court administrator shall assess an adoption filing fee surcharge on each adoption petition filed in the district court for the purpose of implementing and maintaining the Minnesota Fathers' Adoption Registry. The court administrator shall forward fees collected under this rule to the Commissioner of Finance for deposit into the state government special revenue fund to be appropriated to the Commissioner of Health to administer the Minnesota Fathers' Adoption Registry. The fee shall not be assessed in adoptions or re-adoptions of children adopted in intercountry adoptions.